How do I invite my clients to review me?

Your Adviser Portal allows you to easily invite your clients to review you in bulk or singularly.


If you would like a customised, review link to send to your clients via your own email or other medium, please reach out to the team at

Please do not share unique invitation links with multiple reviewers.


  1. Login to your Adviser Portal here.

  2. Click into 'Reviews'

  3. Click into 'Clients' to begin adding to your client list.

    *NOTE - You may upload up to 25 clients in bulk by creating a .csv list - (See 'Tips for uploading clients').

    You may also add clients to your list singularly.

    single client

  4. Select clients from this client list by clicking the square on the left of each client.

    *NOTE - Only clients with a valid status can be chosen including 'Not reviewed', 'Pending Invitation', 'Invitation expired' & 'Lapsed review' .

    Clients with a 'Reviewed' status cannot be added to your invite list. 12 months post your client submitting their review, their status here will change to 'Lapsed review'. You can then re-invite your 'Lapsed review' clients to review you by following these same steps. Each re-review from that client will appear subsequently below the review on your public profile, highlighting your consistency over time.

  5. Click 'Add to invite list'

    add clients to invite list

  6. Once you have your invitation list ready, click into 'Email Content'

    invite list

  7. You may edit the subject line and content of your email, if you wish.

    *NOTE - Your client's first name will automatically pull through on the email salutation.

    Any amendments made are only sent for this email, your amendments to the email text are    not saved for further emails.

  8. Click 'Send Invitation'

  9. Your client will receive your invitation to review email 

    *NOTE - Visit 'Your client's journey to review you' video to see how your client completes your review.

  10. Your client will now have an updated status as 'Invited' in your client list and this will change to 'Reviewed' once your client has reviewed you.
    Invited status

For more information on managing your reviews, please reach out to